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My Experiences

Who says you can't have more than one career? After many years of  working as a Registered Nurse, I am finally getting to live my life-long  dream of being a writer. I love writing, I love children, and I love my family, so what better way to start than by writing children's  books? My first, "The Giggle Box"  was inspired by my own children and was published in 2014. Beautifully  illustrated, it's a story of two little boys, a colorful fairy, friendship, sharing, and the healing power of laughter.  

My most current book, "The Town of Alpaca" is an illustrated early reader about embracing diversity and is chock full of values and education. Both are available to buy from the "Shop" link.

The goal of my books is to promote strength, wisdom, kindness, laughter, and a desire to help others in this fast paced, stressful world. You won't see a lot of yelling, controversy, or anger in my books. Children see enough of that as it is. I want kids to be allowed to be kids while they read my books, to have fun, to imagine, and to learn how to be awesome people!

Currently I am  launching a freelance writer business. I can help with websites, blogs, articles, emails,  copy editing, proofreading, ads for your business.  Please call me for any of these needs!


My Community

I love this heading of "Community", because it's where I derive my creativity. I am a wife, Mom of  four humans and one dog, Mimi of five, a nurse, and a writer. My books and my blog posts are inspired by family, friends, nature, and things I observe or hear around me that either make me happy or sad. The world is not perfect, but we can make our own worlds better by looking for the beauty in everything around us. As a writer and a blogger, I strive to help people see the good in life.  Even though clouds or fog may obscure it at times, it's there. We must open our eyes and ears to see and hear what's ours for the taking.


Join My Journey

I  invite you to join me on this  quest to make  people  think, laugh, learn, and love through my words. The links below will detail what other places I can be found . Please join me on my journey!