The Town of Alpaca


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I f you are looking for an illustrated early reader that teaches children the values of diversity, understanding, acceptance, friendship, and overcoming diversity by working together, then look no further. My new book sports all of these plus a glossary of some of the more difficult words found in the book followed by thought provoking questions. A chart of the similarities and differences between alpacas and llamas serve as an added educational benefit. It can be purchased on the sites below for $13.95, but if you order here through the "Buy Now" button, the cost is $13 and free shipping. This book is the perfect gift for all the children in your lives!


The Giggle Box


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This is a beautifully illustrated, heartwarming book about an unhappy  new little boy in town, a  little boy who tries to make him laugh, and a beautiful, magical fairy who helps them learn the value of friendship, sharing,  and the healing power of laughter.  It's a pure,  sweet, simple, uncomplicated story  for all ages! Who doesn't like feeling good?! It is available on the sites below for $9.99, but you can purchase it here through the "Buy Now" button for $8.99 with no shipping charge.  What a perfect gift for your pre-schoool through 2nd graders!


Welcome, friends! Thank you for your interest in my books. My goal  of writing for children is to teach them the values that they will need to learn to become awesome people.  I hope you like what you see!